Voucher couldn’t be used

Did you receive a voucher but didn’t manage to use it? Read more about what applies to vouchers and what you need to check before trying again.

Your country

The voucher code you are trying to use has to apply in the country your account is registered to. If you for example have received the code in Canada, you can only use the code in Canada with a payment card from the same region. Therefore we cannot guarantee that you can use a code you received from outside of Canada.

Payment method

You need a valid payment method on your account even when activating a voucher. This is due to different factors like studio rights, region settings etc.

You won’t be charged for a free period when you register your voucher code. Make sure the amount is correct before you confirm the purchase.

Do you have issues registering your payment method? Read more here.

Do you already have an ongoing campaign period activated on your account?

Did you receive a voucher but already have a free/campaign period activated on your account? You cannot add a voucher to your account if you already are in a free campaign period. Instead you should wait until the current free period is over to activate the code.

Do you have several vouchers you want to activate?

Do you have several vouchers that apply the same package? Start by activating one of the vouchers you have and start watching. In order to add another voucher code, you must wait until you have started your last free month on the current plan before you can add another voucher on the subscription.

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