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You can change your package under the heading Manage subscriptions on My account at on a computer, or in the browser on your mobile or tablet.

If you have purchased your package through Apple (payment goes through iTunes) or have access to viaplay through your TV provider/channel package, you cannot change or cancel your package at Viaplay – contact your provider for further assistance. Please note that our customer service cannot make changes to packages purchased through Apple or a TV provider.

If you are a Sky customer, click here to get inte touch with the customer service.

Change to Viaplay Total


You can upgrade your package through Manage subscriptions.   

When will the change happen:

Your package will be changed immediately. You will be charged the new price and receive a refund for the remaining days from the previous package. 

Change to Viaplay Film & Serier


You can change your package through Manage subscriptions

When will the change happen:

On your next billing date your package will be downgraded and you will be charged the new lower price. You will no longer be able to watch sports on the account. Note that you can’t make changes to your package during the first 12 months if you chose the annual subscription.

Issues with changing the package

Do you have several accounts on Viaplay?

If you have registered several emails on Viaplay, ensure that you are logged in to the account where you have an active package. If you are not sure which account has the active package, you can look here for help.

Subscription through Apple?

If you have started a subscription in our app on an iPhone/iPad/Apple TV, your subscription is paid for and managed through your Apple ID and therefore cannot make changes to the subscription on Viaplay. See here for more information

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