User profiles

You have the possibility to keep your own activity list that doesn’t clash with other viewers and save your own favourites with different user profiles. Choose your own avatar and get started!

How do I create more profiles?

Hover over your name on the website while being logged in. There you will find the possibility to edit current profiles and create new ones. In the apps on other devices go to Menu, Account or click on the three stripes. You can edit profiles on all devices except for Apple TV where you only can switch between profiles.

How many profiles can I create?

You can have up to 6 profiles on one user account.

How many streams can I have on simultaneously?

You can have two streams running at the same time, with the exception of live sports events which may be limited to one device at a time. Should you try to start a third stream, or a second stream of the same live sport event, you will get an error message and need to close one of the current streams in order to be able to start a stream on another device.

On tablets and mobile phones you can download most of the film and series content. Read more about Offline functionality here.

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