Get started on Viaplay

To get started with Viaplay, you must create an account, add a payment method and activate a subscription.

If you want to know more about which devices you can find Viaplay on, read more here:

Plan and pricing

Viaplay Movies and Series – $5.99/month*

Your subscription is activated when you confirm your purchase. You can start watching immediately. Cancel whenever** you want through the account settings.

*Note that taxes aren’t calculated in this price and will be added separately, more information on the taxes you will find from the receipt mailed to you and from your Account settings.

**When cancelling the package, you will get a confirmation via email. You can keep watching until your next billing date which is when it will be cancelled instead of you getting billed.

Free trial

If you are a new customer, you can test our film & series package free for 7 days. The subscription automatically continues after the 7 days – cancel whenever you want.

Please note that if you have had a subscription on Viaplay before, you cannot use the free trial. It cannot either be combined with other Viaplay offers.


If you have a voucher for a Viaplay, activate it Enter the code in the box and continue with the order. Create a user account if you are a new customer, otherwise log in on your current account.

Choose your payment method and activate the offer. A payment method must always be connected when purchasing any packages, even when you have a voucher. This is due to studio rights and to verify that you are over 18 years of age. Confirm that the amount is correct before you confirm the purchase.

From your account settings, you can see your upcoming charges and make changes to your subscription.

Payment methods

A payment method must always be added when purchasing packages, even when you have a voucher. This is due to studio rights and to verify that you are over 18 years of age. Should you experience problems registering a payment method, ensure that:

  • The card is a Visa or Mastercard.
  • The card is issued by a bank in the US.
  • For Visa cards, “Verified by Visa” needs to be activated, alternatively “Mastercard Secure Code” for Mastercards. Contact your bank or check from your internet bank if you are not sure about this.
  • The card is not blocked for internet purchases, contact the bank/issuer to lift the block – or do it yourself through your internet bank.
  • The card has insufficient. Even when starting a free trial, you are required to have at least $1 on the card. The amount is reserved and refunded automatically when we are checking the validity of the card.

If you are trying to complete the order from a mobile platform, try using a computer instead. If you’re already using a computer, try a different browser.

If you’re using Paypal, make sure to have a valid payment card connected to your account.

Note that you cannot use a voucher when subscribing through Apple.

Subscription through Roku or Xfinity

If you have a subscription through either Roku or Xfinity, please note that this only entitles you to have access to the service through their respective channels and not directly with Viaplay.

If you experience any issues with your service or wish to make any changes to your subscription, we ask you to contact your service provider for any inquiries.


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