Viaplay is closing in the UK

The Viaplay platform will close in the UK, and our films and series content will be available on Amazon Prime Video soon. All account holders will have been notified via email and the last day to use the service is on the 21st of May, 2024.

Read more how this affects you below.

If you have Viaplay Films & series package

All active subscriptions will be cancelled on 22nd of May, 2024. You will receive a refund for all remaining days of your subscription, and it will be calculated based on your billing date. This will happen automatically and requires no action from you.  

Please note that it may take a few banking days for the refund to be visible on your payment account. 

If you have an active subscription through iTunes

Your subscription will not be renewed after 18th of April, nor will you be billed after that. You will be able to stream for 30 days after your final payment, which is when your subscription is automatically cancelled. This applies to both Viaplay Film & series and Viaplay Total subscriptions, and require no actions from you. 

How to keep watching Viaplay’s films & series content?

If you want to continue watching Viaplay’s movies and series, our content will soon be available on the Viaplay Channel on Amazon Prime Video. Note that this requires a separate subscription to Prime Video, more info available soon. 

I have an active Viaplay Total package (monthly/annual)

Your account along with your current subscription will be transferred to Premier Sports for the same price as you now normally have. Premier Sports will be launching April 10th, and you have received more information about how to setup your new account and get started via email. Read more here.

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