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You can change the spoken language ​​and subtitles on the titles where we offer several alternatives. Options for spoken language are mainly available on kids content. Please note that not all kids titles are available in several languages. If there are multiple languages, you can see them on the movie page and in the player, see the pictures below.

All kids titles that are not spoken in Icelandic will have Icelandic subtitles. You can switch subtitles on all devices directly in the player with the exception of Chromecast where you must first select the correct language before you start casting your content.

On Smart TVs and gaming consoles, you can switch languages ​​and subtitles by clicking the up or down arrow on the remote control when in the video player. You’ll be able to see the navigation menu and you can make your choice in the subtitles bar.

On tablets, mobile phones and computers you can simply move the cursor or click on the screen to bring up the navigation menu. On the Apple TV (gen. 3) remote, press the round center button for a few seconds and for Apple TV (gen. 4) swipe up/down on the touchpad.

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