Change your package

You can change your package at Reikningurinn minn. when you are logged in to your account at on a computer, alternatively on the web browser on your mobile device or tablet. 

If you have purchased your package through Apple (payment goes through iTunes), you cannot change or cancel your package on Note that our customer service cannot make changes to packages that are purchased through Apple.

Change your package to Viaplay Total


Package can be updated to Viaplay Total in Reikningurinn minn

When does the package change:

Your package will change right away to Viaplay Total. You will be billed the full amount of the package (1599ISK) and you will also receive a refund for the remaining days of your old package. 

Change your package to Viaplay Series & movies


Package can be changed to Viaplay Series & movies in Manage package. Click here to go to manage package, you can also find it on Reikningurinn minn

When does the package change:

On your next monthly billing date your package will change to Viaplay Series & movies and you will be billed for the price of Viaplay Series & movies. 


Problems with changing your package?

Do you have more than one Viaplay-account? 

If you have registered on Viaplay with more than one email address, make sure that you are logged in to the account that has your active package. If you’re not sure which account you started your package on, see here for help.

Started your subscription through Apple? 

If you started your subscription in our app on iPhone/iPad/Apple TV, your subscription is billed and managed via your Apple ID and you cannot make changes to the subscription on See here for more information.


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