Manage your account

You can easily manage your account information and settings whenever you are logged in to your Viaplay account on. Note that you can’t change all settings on all devices.

Log in on your account at, and look for your name in the top right corner and click on Reikningurinn minn. From here you can change your password, set a purchase lock, update your payment method, and much more. Read more below.


When you create an account, you select an email address which you will use to sign in. We also send important information such as order confirmation and receipts to the same email address. 

If you want to change the username/email address on the account, click Uppfæra reikningsupplýsingar in the account overview menu. After saving the changes you will receive a confirmation email to your old email address with information about the change and new username.

Change password

Login to your account and go into Uppfæra reikningsupplýsingar (by clicking on your name in the top right corner) and choose Breyta aðgangsorði, write your current password and confirm a new one. When you change your password, be aware that all your other devices automatically will be logged out within 24 hours, and you may be asked to log in again.

Forgot your password? You can reset your password here. Fill in your email/username and wait for a recovery email that will be sent to you automatically.

Set age limit

As a parent/account holder you can limit the viewing on your account with profiles. You can choose to create a kids profile that has access to everything within the kids section. For younger children, you can also set up an age limit for children up to 7 years.

For teens you can create a regular profile with a limitation that makes the service user-friendly and filters out anything inappropriate for viewers under 15 years old. 

Click on your name in the upper right corner or go to the menu and select Stjórna prófíl. Then select the profile you want to change and save.

Observe that profiles with age restriction will filter out all other content that is not included in the restriction, bought and rented films included.

Activate purchase lock

To avoid any unwanted purchases, you can set a purchase lock on all single-purchases (rental and purchase films & PPV events). The lock will apply to all profiles and can be activated via Reikningurinn minn through a browser (click on your name in the top right corner). Choose a four-digit code and save.

Forgot your code? Click here to reset the code.

Payment method

In Reikningurinn minn, select Breyta greiðslumáta from the menu to update your payment details. Fill in all the fields and confirm.

Why a card is declined may be due to the following reasons:

  • The card is not a Visa or Mastercard.
  • The card is not issued by an Icelandic bank.
  • If you are trying to update your payment card from a mobile platform, try using a computer instead. If you are already using a computer, try another browser.
  • For Visa cards, Verified by Visa needs to be activated or Mastercard Secure Code for Mastercards. Check the settings in your internet bank for this or contact your bank to be sure.
  • The card has a restriction that does not allow internet purchases, contact the bank/issuer to deactivate the lock – or do it in your internet bank.
  • There is not enough balance on the card. Even at the start of a trial period, at least 1 kr is required on the card. The sum is reserved and then refunded once the validity of the card has been checked.
Change package

To change your package, go into Skipta um pakka from the menu. You have the option to cancel your current subscription or switch to another one. If you choose to upgrade your subscription, the changes will take place immediately and you will also receive a refund on the remaining days of your previous subscription. If you choose to downgrade to a smaller package, the change will take place on your next billing date.

If you pay through iTunes, all changes must be made through them. You must cancel your package and wait until it’s no active anymore before you can start a new one. Learn more about unsubscribing through iTunes here.

Billing history

Under Sjá kaupferil you will find all receipts for your purchases, both for your subscription and your single purchases, such as rented and purchased movies, as well as PPV events. These can also be downloaded as PDF files.


Under Samskipti you have the option to choose if you want to receive communication from us. Should you choose to unsubscribe to our communication, you will not receive for example newsletters and personalized offers from us.

NOTE! All customers will however receive mandatory communication regarding changes in the service or Terms and Conditions and such.

Change billing date

You can change your billing day at:

You can only change billing day to today’s date, e.g. if you want to move the billing date to the 25th of each month, you must make the switch on the 25th. We then cancel your current subscription and start a new one automatically at that time.

You will be charged for the whole upcoming month and also receive an automatic refund for the remaining days of your previously paid package.

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