I have trouble with playing content

If you experience problems when you are playing content on Viaplay, try the tips we have gathered here.

Check your internet connection

Watching content on Viaplay requires a stable internet connection. We recommend that your internet connection is at least 10Mbit/s. You can check if your internet connection is sufficient by doing a speed test. You can find more instructions for how a speed test is done, and tips for improving your connection here.

Make sure you are using a supported device

You can find a list of all the devices we currently support here. If you are using Viaplay on a device that is not officially supported, we cannot guarantee that the service works as expected. 

Restart your device

Turn off the device you are using for at least 30 seconds. 

If you’re watching on Smart-TV/Apple TV/Chromecast/Game console unplug the device’s power cable too after turning it off.


Make sure you are updated


Check that both the computer and the browser you are using are updated. 

Smart-TV / Apple TV /  Game console: 

Make sure that both the streaming device and the Viaplay app are updated. 


Make sure that the device you are casting from and the Chromecast are updated. 


Try a different device or web browser

You can try to watch Viaplay on another supported device, you can see all the devices we support here. If you are watching on PC/Mac computers, you can also try changing to a different browser. Viaplay is supported on the following browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. 


Still having trouble?

If these tips have not solved your problem, contact us and we will look into the problem with you. 

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