The image freezes/buffers continuously

Buffering issues are most often network related and therefore it is good to ensure that the network works properly. Viaplay uses something called Adaptive Streaming, which means that if the internet connection or speed is unstable, the quality of the stream will be adjusted automatically. In the worst case, the stream will start buffering if the connection is temporarily dropped.

First, we would like you to test your current speed at Below you will find our recommended download speed.

  • 3.0 megabits per second – recommended for SD quality
  • 10.0 megabits per second – recommended for HD quality and sports

When it comes to Response Time, under 20 ms is excellent while under 100ms is still good. If the response time is over 100ms, we recommend that you move closer to the router and disconnect any other devices that are not in use. It is also worth connecting your device to the wifi again and even restarting the router if the above does not help. A higher response time can mean that Internet-based services take longer to load and that the material you are trying to watch begins to buffer.

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