Region block & VPN

Businesses, hotels and schools can use networks that are based abroad, and therefore connect you via another country. This can block you from using our service since our rights are per country. Certain networks can also block the usage of streaming services, which means that you won’t be able to use Viaplay. The service is only available within the UK.

Should you get a message stating that our service isn’t available in your region, we encourage you to control your IP-address:

1. Start by checking your IP-address on following site:
2. Visit and enter your IP-address in field displayed in the middle of the page.
3. Click on button that says “GO” and control the location of your IP-address.

In case your location is correct and you are in the UK, we suggest you turn off all network modification services, such as VPN and web browser extensions. In other words, should you currently use any modified connectivity settings we recommend you to revert back to your internet provider’s standard settings.

Should your IP-address still be directed towards the wrong country, even though VPN based services and web browser extensions has been turned off, we recommend you to contact your internet service provider for more information. If experiencing issues stated above while currently staying at a hotel or connected to a public network, we encourage you to get hold of personnel on site.

Note that people who are located close to the border to the Republic of Ireland might be connected to a network on that side and get blocked from Viaplay.

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